Field Force Project Updates

BIM Dashboard

One of the solutions we have always found intriguing is a single dashboard that could represent BIM data of an entire station.  A one stop shop for both models and 2D drawing details.  We turned to the Forge model derivative and Forge viewer API to see if we could come close to something using our open source Fieldforce architecture.

Without good data of course, there is no linkage so it was critical to find some meta data that we could use across the two design disciplines; Inventor physical and AutoCAD Electrical P&C.  Fortunately, we were able to leverage unique identifiers for key pieces of equipment which is common on the substation design industry amongst others.

Using a Unique ID, we were able to build a JSON query of references between 3D models and 2D attributes and use the references between three windows on a page. 1 for 3D model viewing, 1 to show a One line and one for the three line schematics. The concept being; a user would select a piece of equipment in 3D and the solution will gather the related one line diagram (the single line document outlining the entire station layout) and the three line schematic (the actual detailed connections).

 The video below shows the quick result we obtained.

There are multiple workflow possibilities here but the main take away is that using Forge viewers we could easily connect documents and meta data from very different data sources. The flow of data could go from the one line to the model or all the way from a relay in a panel up to highlight the conduit runs the cables use to get to their locations.

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