Field Force Project Updates

Fieldforce As-Builts

We have been exploring different options on which we could expand our open source platform for Fieldforce into a true collaboration tool that would streamline the efforts of CAD users to keep up to the as-built markups coming in from the field.

The short video below showcases what we’ve accomplished to date.  We call the process “closed loop monitoring” which we borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry with which we’ve done past work. The term “Closed Loop Monitoring” refers to the nature of the design documents being released to the field, coming back as redlined markups and the changes being incorporated back into the original design hence closing the loop.

Once again, we must highlight that this platform is meant for utility companies that need to have cloud functionality run internally as a Hybrid Cloud solution and not meant as a replacement for the cloud based BIM 360 product available by Autodesk. We use the entire suite of Autodesk Forge APIs that we can and are expanding to new features with them including plug-ins for BIM 360.

In this example we simply added a redline to a field drawing using an iPad to run our open source viewers and then synced in back with the server so it is available inside the CAD system as a plugin we built using CefSharp, an (you guessed it) open source package that allows developers to embed the Chomrium engine inside .NET applications. With CefSharp, we were able to quickly build a fully functional, stand-alone browser inside an AutoCAD and Inventor add-in panel. We were also able to communicate with the CAD system from the Node Js javascript. mind blown….

There are multiple workflow possibilities here but the main take away is that using Forge viewers we could easily help engineering and design teams close the loop with field constriction crews working on Substation projects.

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