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Automationforce has been digitizing and automating engineering and design since 1998.

Software solutions to help engineering and design teams flourish

Automationforce is a privately owned software and services business formed in 2007. Today we’re proud to boast a strong team of developers who thrive on disrupting the status quo to help you achieve your business goals. We are on a mission to add value by leveraging open source software to advance the engineering and design community.

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Our team has over 25+ years experience implementing engineering and design software.

Our Services

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Our Open Source software bundles allow your business to streamline engineering and design workflows, and increase efficiency.

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We are heavily involved in the open source community and contribute to several packages. Find out how we can help you.

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Our History

1998 - 2000

Automationforce’s founder, Trevor Scullion enters the entrepreneurial world by co-founding and launching StormMaker Software.  A web based 3D configurator that revolutionized the way CAD systems were used in web environments to configure complex products.

2001 - 2006

StormMaker successfully markets software and services to help fortune 500 customers automate their sales process using advanced 3D models. After several years of business StormMaker is acquired by 20 20 Technologies, a long standing board member and supporter. 

2007 - 2009

Automationforce is incorporated and with the goal of once again, automating the CAD world. We formed a partnership with Autodesk that made us a key strategic partner on all hundreds of automation projects one of which was with a large electric utility aimed at automating the substation design design process. 

2010 - 2016

The team expands with Dan Gerlach joining Automationforce to take the reigns of software development targeted for the Substation Design market. After several successful automation projects in the Substation design industry, we decided to build the Substation Design Suite of products which became an industry leading solution with over 30% of Utilities using it. In 2016, Autodesk acquired the Substation Design Software and services team from Automationforce.


With Autodesk pivoting to cloud software it was decided that the Substation Design Suite of products would be better served by a company focused 100% on the Utilities business so the product and team were moved over to Spatial Business Systems (SBS), an industry leader in Utility Design solutions. The Substation Design business continues to flourish there today and Automationforce continues a terrific partnership with SBS.

2019- present

Automationforce is re-branded as an Open Source software company focused on continuing to advance the CAD market with software development and specialized services.