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Field Force Project Updates

Fieldforce As-Builts

We have been exploring different options on which we could expand our open source platform for Fieldforce into a true collaboration tool that would streamline the efforts of CAD users to keep up to the as-built...

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Field Force Project Updates

BIM Dashboard

One of the solutions we have always found intriguing is a single dashboard that could represent BIM data of an entire station.  A one stop shop for both models and 2D drawing details.  We turned to the Forge mo...

Field Force

Fieldforce with Autodesk Forge

We are currently working with the Substation Design Solution Industry Consortium (SDSIC) to establish some clear security requirements for attempting to use our Open Source Fieldforce solution with Autodesk For...

Project Updates Zoeked

Making CAD Analytics Open Source – our Zoeked Project

The work on our Zoeked product started 5 years ago as we were working to create a platform that would enable analytics on CAD systems similar to the types of analytics we can get for web pages and site using go...

Field Force Project Updates

Open Sourcing Field Documentation

As we have continued to evolve our Fieldforce solution we had quickly become aware that developing the security and synchronization features was essentially re-building the wheel and decided to “stand on ...

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SDSIC New York

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have to juggle many priorities and daily demands. Acquiring and retaining customers. Avoiding inefficiency. Delivering excellent customer service. Managing costs. Hiring ...

From our Lab

Amazon Delivers on AR Tools

The innovations coming out of Amazon these days is astounding. Even for someone as immersed in new technology as I am, its incredible how fast things are moving. The latest Amazon cloud based service I dove int...

From our Lab

Virtual Content Triggers anyone?

As the winter weather roles in and the nights get longer and longer up here in the North, I end up spending more and more time in front of my various screens searching for ways to use the endless stream of new ...

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Field Force

Fieldforce AR prototype

With all the recent excitement around Augmented Reality we decided to see what type of prototype we could build leveraging our existing Fieldforce architecture and content. Using Apple’s ARkit and geoloca...

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New Office Space

Automationforce is happy to land in our new digs at 4145 North Service road in Burlington, Ontario. This new space offers a nicely improved board room, office spaces and lounge area for those late night coding ...