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Here's a top list of the most popular FAQs

Why have you Open Sourced your products?

Open source projects can undermine established proprietary software companies by being convenient to adopt, and lower cost. This principle explains how open source can be an agent for market disruption. Linux disrupted the Unix market, and MySQL disrupted the relational database market. We aim to do the same with 3rd part CAD add on software.

A majority of organizations now use open source software, and 65 percent of companies contribute to open source projects, according to Black Duck, an open source security and compliance company.

And it’s not just companies that are in love with open source. A massive number of people rely on open source software in one way or another on an everyday basis — whether they realize it or not.

What exactly is CAD Analytics?

Zoeked provides CAD administrators with all the analysis they need to make INTELLIGENT decisions for their CAD group. By collecting usage data from a group of users, we can analyze the data using artificial intelligence and provide useful reports to help determine user needs, hardware upgrades and even recommend custom training and useful websites.

Our goal is to provide an AI CAD consultant.

What is Fieldforce used for?

Our Fieldforce solution streamlines the distribution of engineering documentation data across multiple platforms and can be installed and run on internal servers within an organization. We distribute it as an Open Source application.

Can Automationforce help us with our project?

We have 25+ years experience in software and specifically engineering and design solutions around CAD systems. If your project is looking to automate some process, integrate solutions or build a an open source software platform, we can help.

Can you host a solution for us?

We use the latest in amazon AWS platforms to build out 100% hosted solutions. We can spin up an AWS instance with Fieldforce, Zoeked or any combination of Open Source platforms for your team. Having an externally hosted system maintained by Automationforce is a great way to test out solutions without having to build your own IT infrastructure.

What happened to your Substation Design Suite product?

In January of 2016 the Substation Design Suite (SDS) software was successfully acquired by Autodesk. Our SDS team, SDS source code and all SDS customer contracts moved over to Autodesk consulting. After a brief 7 months, we decided that the product didn’t fit within Autodesk consulting and decided to move it to a partner that was focused on the utility industry. In October of 2016 we moved all SDS related business from Autodesk to Spatial Business Systems where it resides today and where the Automationforce team is still involved.

Do you still work with the SDSIC?

Automationforce is deeply involved with the Substation Design Solution Industry Consortium (SDSIC) and still pays for all hosting and maintenance of the member website as our continued commitment to that industry.

What if we already have an internal IT department?

No problem! We offer open source solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a full package with some consulting, CAD solutions or straight open source help, Automationforce makes it simple with affordable and customized plans. We can also host a test environment for you while planning continues.

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