Field Collaboration


What is Fieldforce?

Fieldforce is our open source software specifically built for Utility companies that require a highly secure environment that enables their engineering and design teams to collaborate with field construction crews.

Installed on your internal IT infrastructure and within your own firewall, Fieldforce brings the capability of cloud services to your internal network or can be built as a Hybrid cloud combining Autodesk Forge capabilities.

Fieldforce Features

  • Cloud

    Fieldforce can be 100% installed within your own IT infrastructure and behind your corporate firewall but provide all the benefits of a cloud soluton.

  • Secure

    Fieldforce leverages your existing corporate security utilizing Microsoft or other 3rd party corporate authentication.

  • No Install

    Sync multiple user devices on any browser enabled device from smartphones to tablets to laptops.

  • License Free

    There are no license fees or per user fees. You can rollout Fieldforce to as many user devices as you’d like.

  • Collaborate

    Files are synced with your document management system as the entire solution is running internally.

  • Redlines

    Collaboration is bi-directional so field redlines are sent back to the server for engineering and design to access.

Get more information on Fieldforce

Feel free to send us a message and request more information on our open source model, security, features or functionality and even request a web demo to learn all the detail around Fieldforce.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we have an available time slot.