What is Zoeked for?

Zoeked uses the latest web technologies and artificial intelligence frameworks to provide you with extremyl useful predictions to help you manage and gain efficiencies with your CAD team(s). CAD team.

Who uses Zoeked?

Any person responsible for a CAD team can take full advantage of Zoeked. With a simple install, Zoeked starts to gather information and process it in the cloud. All reports are automatically generated.


Hardware reports highlight the issues like network use, speed, configurations and crashes. Review potential upgrade savings for new hardware.


Zoeked collects data directly from the CAD systems and runs a contextual computing platform to produce a personalized learning recommendation for each user.


Software reports show the most important features used by your team and how efficiently the software is runnning.


Learn more through our Zoeked product site at: Zoeked.com