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Our Automationforce founders have been both Autodesk Partner and employees of Autodesk over the past 20+ years. We have run countless projects with Autodesk, independently using Autodesk products and we have sold our own IP to Autodesk.  We know how to work with them.


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Autodesk Projects
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Add-on Products


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Our Autodesk Expertise includes

  • Procurement Advice

    With hundreds of Autodesk related projects under our belts, we can help you navigate the complex product and licensing selections available. We can also help you leverage the multitude of 3rd party software available to you.

  • Implementation 

    Automationforce can help your team make the critical decisions on your Autodesk product implementation plan from document management systems to the final design outputs.

  • The Latest Tech

    Automationforce has been developing on the newest Autodesk Forge platform, BIM 360 and the various cloud platforms being released quarterly. We can help you decide which technology you can take advantage of.

  • Upgrade Plan

    Our team has successfully implemented many IT projects with many top industry players and can help assess your current setup and help build a plan toward upgrading your entire system.

  • Open Source

    Bundling our Autodesk and open source software expertise provides our customers with the ultimate money saving implementations. Reduce license counts and remove costly customized software.

  • Analytics

    Our unique AI Consulting Engine, Zoeked, adds advanced CAD analytics tools to Autodesk products that will help you monitor your system as you move forward. Further saving your team from costly setup issues.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about our Autodesk services or simply talk about how we may be able to help with your current situation just drop us a line here to the right.

Our team is actively involved in several Autodesk Forge API and Cloud platform projects if your interested in learning a little more about how those newer technologies can help.