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What are our CAD services?

CAD Services can range from simple consulting on your business strategy to working closely with your team to build a unique automation solution for your entire engineering or design team. We bring our 25+ years of software experience to each and every engagement.

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Comprehensive CAD services can include

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    We can help you plan out an engineering and design system from upgrading strategies to planning for an entirely new CAD system implementation.

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    CAD Analytics

    Using our patent pending CAD Analytics engine (Zoeked) we can measure system efficiency and build a plan to make things better as your team progresses.

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    Automationforce is an Autodesk ADN partner and can setup a sandbox environment to help your team test before upgrading.

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    Cloud Solution

    Whether your looking to test an Autodesk cloud solution, one of our cloud products or a combination of Open Source solutions, we can setup and maintain a cloud environment for you. 

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    Open Source

    Automationforce supports several open source software projects and has a platform to deploy them within the CAD system. This results in the fastest build and deploy technique on the market.

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    Business Strategy

    Automationforce provides business consulting to help keep your overall strategy on track for your engineering and design automation project, software product launch or entire IT project.


Our CAD services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Control Costs

    We don’t sell software. We focus on streamlining license use and implementing open source software wherever we can to reduce cost.

  • Trusted Advisor

    We are not product focused. We work with a massive community of like minded developers focused on creating the best Open Source software for the job.

  • Measure / Improve

    What gets measured gets improved.  Our proprietary CAD Analytics engine (Zoeked) allows us to provide you with what we call an “AI CAD Consultant”.

  • Increased efficiency

    Leverage our 25+ years of CAD experience to better your team and measure our suggested improvements with CAD Analytics.

  • Small initial investment

    We are practitioners of the “Micro transaction” strategy in which we get paid as your success scales.

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