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What Open Source Software services do we offer?

The open source community is vast with new players entering everyday. From Microsoft to Autodesk, there are no shortage of new open source projects shared daily. Navigating these projects successfully is where we come in. The Automationforce team actively engages with the open source community and regularly contributes to projects.

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Open Source software services can include

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    Automationforce maintains several platforms and projects that allow us to easily test new projects and quickly gain results.

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    We offer several courses on setting up several open source environments and maintaining your own open source projects.

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    We can setup a sandbox environment complete with the full suite of your chosen open source projects setup and ready to run in the cloud.

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    Automationforce can manage your open source packages and ensure that updates to the package and integrated platforms continues to run smoothly.

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    We can assist your team in choosing the open source applications that run together and are sure to advance within the community.

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    Once your open source project is deployed, we can help you analyze and report on the usage, efficiency and ongoing training needs.

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