Zoeked is your "AI CAD Consultant"

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What exactly is an “AI CAD Consultant?

Zoeked performs analysis on incoming data captured from all users on your CAD system network essentially gaining insight about how that system is operating.

Using our machine learning algorithms, Zoeked predicts what training individual users may need, what 3rd party applications or scripts may be useful for automation or even pointing the user to helpful website and forum pages that can help with specific work their performing day to day.

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    Zoeked gains user insights and provides targeted content specific to the tasks that each user performs regularly on CAD system.

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    24×7 Reporting

    Unlike help desks or support lines, your Zoeked AI CAD consultant never sleeps and is working 24×7/365 to assist your CAD team.

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    Zoeked dashboards offer snapshots of your entire CAD network or drill down to specific machine issues.

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    The name of the game is gaining efficiency in areas that are repetitive, users that require specific training to improve or fixing setups.

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Feel free to send us a message and request more information on our open source model, security, features or functionality and even request a web demo to learn all the detail around Zoeked.

If you want to drop us a message we can even email you a sample Zoeked report so you can see all the details around this solution.